Ed Reinhart

New Deli Girl (Track 01)
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Don’t You Come Creepin’ (Track 04)
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Big Fat Boogie (Track 07)
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Your Big Mistake (Track 10)
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About Ed Reinhart

Ed Reinhart as been playing and composing music for twenty years in Northern California, specializing in Blues and Boogie-Woogie. He has opened for a variety of acts, including Norton Buffalo, Elvin Bishop, and Hoyt Axton. Ed has toured throughout the United States and elsewhere – playing venues from the East Coast to Thailand. He has recorded tracks with blues guitarist Michael Osborne and with Mike’s former boss, John Lee Hooker. He has appeared on stage with Bonnie Raitt, the late Burl Ives, Commander Cody, and songwriter Randy Sparks. Ed has played all sorts of events, including concerts, weddings, fashion shows, and even funerals.

Ed’s new CD, Got Some On My Fingers, is a compilation of original works which are mostly in the Blues and Boogie mode. The album features a number of talented musicians, including blues harp great Mark Ford, guitarist Michael Ward, and former Oregon saxophonist Paul McCandless. Ed’s songs cover topics ranging from heartbreak to obesity to romantic revenge to nudity(!)


interested parties should contact:

Ken Ingels
Russian River Records
PO Box 516
Talmage CA 95481