Marilyn DeFrange

From the album Something Good

Something Good (Track 01)
[ra] 2:13, 193kB

It’s Not My Fault (Track 02)
[ra] 1:01, 154kB

Red Tail Blues (Track 04)
[ra] 1:22, 193kB

Over The Rainbow (Track 05)
[ra] 1:13, 154kB

You Got Me (Track 07)
[ra] 3:25, 347kB

From the album Future

One Small Step (Track 01)
[ra] 20 sec, 42kB    [au] 20 sec, 378kB

None of Your Bizness (Track 06)
[ra] 18 sec, 37kB    [au] 18 sec, 332kB

Tell Me The Truth (Track 07)
[ra] 19 sec, 39kB    [au] 19 sec, 237kB

LA-LA-Land (Track 09)
[ra] 21 sec, 42kB    [au] 21 sec, 332kB

On Our Way (Track 10)
[ra] 19 sec, 39kB    [au] 19 sec, 332kB

From the album Someone to Hold

Serious Surrender (Track 01)
[ra] 17.5 sec, 35kB    [au] 17.5 sec, 378kB

Money (Track 02)
[ra] 11.0 sec, 22kB    [au] 11.0 sec, 237kB

Willpower (Track 05)
[ra] 15.5 sec, 30kB    [au] 15.5 sec, 332kB

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About Marilyn DeFrange

Marilyn DeFrange is a unique singer-songwriter whose writing style can best be described as a semi-acoustic eclectic-pop mix with a rhythm and blues influence. She has recorded and/or performed with Bonnie Raitt, Spencer Brewer, Alex DeGrassi and David Hayes in Northern California. In the past serveral years she has produced three CD releases; Someone to Hold, Future, and her newest release, Something Good.

“Something Good” is the result of the dynamic duo featuring Marilyn’s original songs. Her unique voice and solid rhythm guitar arrangements are embellished by the varied playing styles of keyboard artist, Paul Kemp. This diverse player often splits his keyboard to accommodate playing piano. bass and organ simultaneously. Marilyn explains, “We wanted to represent ourselves in our live form, so the basic tracks of this recording were done live and we believe we’ve captured the magic that happens when we play together. Other than a few added background vocals and some special musician guests, this is really us.” “Whether this CD reaches one, or one trillion people, it’s the creativity that’s so fulfilling,” interjects Paul. “We’d like to thank our loyal fans for coming out to see us. We’ve made a lot of new friends and hope to include you as well.”

The duo has been primarily touring the Northern part of California and plans to reach out to include the Southern regions this year.

Here are some reviewers’ comments:

“Her vocals are eerily flawless, sad with a rounded deep warmth…a rare openness of heart and a lack of cynicism that is extremely hard to get away with these days. But somehow, Marilyn DeFrange dows, right under your nose.” Bill Broun, Alternative Press and Publisher’s Weekly Magazine

“Marilyn’s songs are finely wrought, beautifully expressed and very interesting.” Roger Thurman, Thurman Music


by Bill Broun

The fact that California singer-songwriter Marilyn DeFrange and her keyboardist brother Denis DeFrange have collaborated for twenty years may be what gives their new independent release FUTURE its spooky, intuitive moods. If they played folk music, it might sound all rehearsed. But in the shady gardens of urban soul, emotional intuition can, if tended carefully keep going and growing–the ten songs of FUTURE prove it.

The craft of the songs and the fluency of the vocal work may prompt in some listeners a new understanding of the mediocrity of much contemporary pop. Songs like “One Small Step”, “On Our Way”, and the title track build a sturdy, pop “catchiness” on a foundation that is simply and mercifully unlike just about any thing in the recent Top 40. Where most pop flattens and indulges, the DeFranges’ melodies bend and twist into fresh, whimsical territories. On a lyrical backdrop of loss, longing and desire in the city, the melodies seem to capture something of the playful ambivalencies of postmodern love. Marilyn DeFrange’s vocals are eerily flawless, sad with a rounded, deep warmth. This kind of intimacy is almost unnerving. It offers a rare openness of heart and a lack of cynicism that is extremely hard to get away with these days. But somehow, Marilyn DeFrange does, right under your nose.

Keyboardist Denis DeFrange, whose production work dates back to northeast Ohio’s early New Wave scene in the late 1970s, is that unusual master of ambience and mood who never seems “lost in the stratosphere” or schlocky, like Yani. Well before their fame, DeFrange recorded Devo and the Waitresses in his old Cleveland-area house. The rural house also played host of to an odd combination of African-American soul artists and local, talented kids. Alternative Press Magazine’s current Editor Rob Cherry (now of Ether Net) as a teen used to spend summers jamming with DeFrange. The youthful quirkiness and the mature soul of this past have stuck, and DeFrange’s uncommon ability to fuse these qualities into rich, elaborate nightscapes of electronica is readily apparent throughout FUTURE.

This romantic, provocative album represents years of quiet toil, and it seems destined to make the DeFranges’ unique spin on urban soul a new force to reckon with.

Bill Broun
Houston, Texas
(Bill Broun is a freelance rock and book critic, whose credits include Alternative Press and Publishers Weekly magazines.)


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