The best in digital audio and complemented by a wealth of high-end outboard gear, microphones and preamps, Russian River Studio offers an easy-going atmosphere for the best performances and maximum productivity.

Founded in 1989, Russian River Studio is known for its great sound, comfortable work environment, professional crew and reasonable rates. We enjoy working on a wide variety of music and are a popular studio located in Mendocino County, California. The spacious live room is acoustically exceptional, providing an unsurpassed room ambiance with a reputation for obtaining outstanding drum sounds. We are a full production studio and have the capability to satisfy all your project needs.


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2 Vintage AKG C414 C
2 Vintage Tube AKG C61
2 AKG C460B
2 AKG D112
1 Audio-Technica AT4050
2 Audix D2
2 Audix D4
1 Audix D6
1 Gefell UMT 70 S
1 Gefell M 930
2 Earthworks QTC40
1 Neumann U87
1 Neumann TLM170
2 Royer 122 (active)
2 Royer 121
2 Sennheiser 421
2 Sennheiser 441
1 Shure SM7
6 Shure SM57
2 Shure SM58
2 Coles 4038
1 Telefunken M82
1 Mojave MA-300

Mic Preamps
6 Vintage Neve 3119 Mic Preamps with EQ
4 API 512c Mic/Line Preamps
4 A-Designs Pacifica P1 Mic Preamps
2 Grace M501 Mic Preamps
2 Burl B1s Mic Preamps
Millennia Twin Direct TD-1 Tube or Solid State Mic Pre / EQ
1 Avalon 737 Tube Mic Pre / EQ / Compressor
1 Manley VoxBox Tube Mic Pre / EQ / Compressor / Limiter
1 Summit Dual Tube Preamp TPA-200B
1 UA Dual 610 Tube Mic Preamp
2 Shadow Hills GAMA mic preamps


2 UA 1176LN Compressors
1 GML8200 5-band Stereo Parametric Equalizer
1 Teletronix LA-2A (with Compression/ Limiting ratio mod)
2 Empirical Labs Distressors
1 Neve Portico 5014 Stereo Field Editor
1 Neve Portico 5042 “True Tape” FX
2 Great River Harrison 32EQ
2 A-Designs EM-PEQ Eqs
2 API 550b 4 Band Eqs
2 Chandler Little Devil Compressors

Meyer HD-1
Yamaha NS-10

Hear Back | Personal Monitor Mixer System

Protools HD5
Protools 10 software
Mac Pro 12-core 2.66 GHz w/ GB RAM
24 channels of AVID HD I/O
Shadow Hills Equinox Summing Buss

Waves Mercury Bundle (all Waves products)
SoundToys TDM Effects
McDSP Emerald Pack
Crane Song Phoenix TDM Magnetic Tape Machine Emulation Plug-In Bundle
Altiverb 6
Antares Auto-Tune 7
Chandler Limited Abbey Road Plug-in Bundle

John Michael Young latest single “Words” recorded in the studio using latest ProTools updates and equipment, 2016
The Swinging Chads “Hate To Keep You Waiting” in the studio, 2015
Top Shelf, recording in our fully-equipped studio
located in Ukiah, CA, 2011

for more information, contact Ken at 707.367.1853 or ingels@pacific.net